Bamboo Toothbrushes – Everything You Need to Know

Personal hygiene is an essential part of our overall health and fitness. It incorporates cleansing at all levels. Not taking care of personal hygiene is the first step of manifesting illness in our body. When we don’t cleanse our body properly, illness develops inside it. When we talk about cleansing activities that are performed on a daily basis, the first thing that comes in mind is the use of a toothbrush for cleansing teeth.

From so many years, we all have been using plastic toothbrushes for our oral cleaning. But for overproduction and overuse of plastic, our earth has become polluted with this unsustainable element. It is suggested to change your toothbrush after every 3-4 months, so you can well imagine how many plastic toothbrushes are discarded by an average family of 4 members every year and how they all end up in filling landfills, contributing to global plastic pollution on earth.

For this very reason, people have switched to more sustainable and eco-friendly options that can replace plastic toothbrushes. And one such alternative that has gained immense popularity over the recent years is Bamboo Toothbrushes.

Now, the simple question that arises in mind is what is so special about bamboo brushes that make them better than plastic ones. Let’s dive into some less known facts about bamboo brushes.

Why is a Bamboo Toothbrush Better?

• Bamboo is a natural renewable resource, as it is the fastest growing plant. It is a kind of natural cellulose fiber that is ready for harvesting within 1-5 years, which is much less than other types of wood deriving trees that take over 20 years to mature.

• Its fast growth also benefits our environment as it absorbs more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen than other plants.

• As its hardwood like properties become ready in 5 years, so it can be used in place of wood, reducing the need for deforestation.

• Being derived from plants, it is completely biodegradable. On the other hand, plastic is derived from petroleum, which is a finite resource of energy. Plastic is non-biodegradable that has resulted in tons of garbage piles all across the world.

How Long do Bamboo Toothbrushes Last?

Bamboo brushes are quite good in durability. If you use them in a proper way and take care, then they will last long as any other plastic toothbrush. Just clean it after brushing your teeth and keep it dry. You can replace it if it has been over 3-4 months or if you notice bristles have worn out of shape.

Do Bamboo Toothbrushes get Moldy?

Yes, bamboo brushes do develop mold as bamboo is an organic material. The only way out to prevent this is to take care of your bamboo brush after use. Don’t toss it up in the cup right after use. First rinse the bristles with warm running tap water to wash away any food or toothpaste residue.

Then towel dry both the bristles and handle so that they soak all water. And then store in a dry ventilated place that is free from moisture, and open cabinet is the best example for it. Basically, you need to keep bamboo toothbrush moisture-free in order to prevent the growth of mold on it.

What are the Bristles on a Bamboo Toothbrush made of?

The bristle part of bamboo brushes is made from nylon, which is a synthetic plastic material. They can make bristles of three material options –

• Traditionally bristles are made of nylon-6 or normal plastic. This plastic is non-biodegradable and stays in environment for thousands of years causing pollution.

• Second, material option is nylon-4 or bio-plastic. It is a petroleum plastic that biodegrade under certain conditions, but at a very slow rate. You can’t decompose it in home composters; it needs to decompose in big commercial composters where there is much high heat, more oxygen and a much higher level of microorganism activity.

• Third option is bristles made of bamboo viscose. Pulp of bamboo is used to make bristles, but this material has been little tried. However, this is totally bio-degradable material option that can be used in bamboo toothbrushes to label them as “100% bio-degradable”.

The Toothbrushes with Bamboo Handle manufactured by Growin

When we are talking about bamboo brushes, how can we forget about the name that is the leading producer in this industry – “GROWIN”. Growin is a big firm that came into conception in 2012 with an aim of producing and supplying biodegradable and eco-friendly products into major parts of the world such as North America, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, all parts of Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Africa and some other regions.

The company’s manufacturing unit is in China, which is home for high-quality Moso bamboo being used for all kinds of bamboo products. The unit is spread over 11,000 metre square area and comprise of one 40-ton boiler, two carbonized cooking furnaces and 80 equipments that are used to produce many bamboo products such as oral cleaning, personal care, aviation tableware, catering, hotels, dental markets and supermarkets.

The best part of toothbrushes with bamboo handle made by Growin is that it makes them from food-grade quality material and follow all US FDA and European CE standards. The company launches these toothbrushes in the market only after they pass various quality tests such as FDA registration certificate, CE certificate of Conformity, SGS Rohs test MSDS, BPA test, FSC for raw material. There is a specialized QC team that keeps a constant check on the quality of brush handles and performs on-spot and pre-shipment inspections to verify the quality of the same.

Having 8 years of experience in the industry, the company offers the flexibility of customization to its customers. You can get special moldings designed as per your color choice, logo printing, and package style. The package box of bamboo toothbrushes made by Growin, they make it of paper material which is again an eco-friendly material.

Next time when you plan to discard off your plastic toothbrush then don’t buy another plastic one, switch to these bamboo brushes and be a part of this mission to save our planet earth with your little contribution.

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