A bamboo brush head can refill Philips sonicare toothbrush

Can you imagine that the electric toothbrushes can also start to be environmentally friendly? After half a year of research and development and testing, we have produced a bamboo brush head can suitable for Philips Sonicare toothbrush, means Philips toothbrush can replace with a bamboo brush head. There are already some replaceable brush heads made by bamboo on the market, but the manufacturing process is relatively simple then the use life is short.

Our bamboo brush head was designed based on the Philips movement, which can fit more than 85% of Philips sonicare electric toothbrush, the bristle can be bio-based castor oil, the small plastic part inside is made by biodegradable corn starch, it make the brush head closely lock the head movement, then the brush fiber will not crushed after brush heads running many times. 

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